1. You'll finally relax.

The citrus aroma calms the systema nervosum , reduces anxiety, and helps relieve tension after a tough day. If you do not have lemon volatile oil , use a bit of lemon.

2. Your concentration and attention will improve.

Lemon has another amazing property: inhaling its aroma a day , an individual becomes more concentrated and their mental activity and memory improve. Even at work, people make fewer mistakes if there's the smell of lemon. This conclusion was made by Japanese scientists.

3. Your mood improves.

Lemon volatile oil may be a proven remedy for depression. this is often why if you've tried all the remedies but they never helped, concentrate to the present sunny fruit.

4. The air will be cleared of germs.

Lemon has not only a pleasing aroma but also bactericidal properties. It cleans the air within the room well.

5. No more high blood pressure.

Many people suffer from hypertension, and lemon also can help here. Its smell lowers vital sign .