1. Considering a convertible crib to be the best option.

For many parents, the primary and neatest thing to urge their hands on may be a convertible crib. That’s because it are often used as a crib initially , then it can transform into a little toddler bed, leading parents to believe they’ll be ready to save money. However, you ought to take under consideration that the majority of the time, this feature is really costlier and takes up more room . additionally , the small ones will find yourself needing a replacement bed quickly since they grow so fast, so you'll need to invest twice anyway. A good alternative solution for this problem is switching from a crib to a daily bed with removable rails instead. you'll also resort to floor-height beds, which can give your children more freedom, especially once they start to maneuver around on their own. Of course, you've got to require the required precautions to stay them from falling.

2. Filling the space with furniture and things.

Kids often have tons of belongings, including their bed, dresser, closet, toy box, and, in some cases, a desk, chairs, and tables. But we frequently forget that they really only have alittle room, and in most cases, we won’t leave enough space for youngsters to play freely and have their own place in their room.

3. Not making safety a priority.

In a child’s room, you ought to put some thought into even the littlest details to form sure it’s as safe of an area as possible. Remember that children always find how to “misuse” things, which may be dangerous sometimes. Loose cords and curtains, for instance , are often a hazard if anyone, including you, gets tangled in them or if your children pull them. Unsecured furniture and carpets without non-slip grip can cause falls and make bumps. Also, window and door locks should even be childproof in order that children don’t get hurt or locked in accidentally. 

4. Having a single source of light.

Lighting is vital when setting any space reception , and a child’s room is not any exception to the rule. Consider that, a bit like within the front room , for instance , lights are often a part of the decoration. you ought to also take under consideration that, repeatedly , a dim night light or any small lamp which will fulfill an equivalent function are going to be needed, especially if your kids are frightened of the dark. they're going to also need good lighting directed to essential spaces, like their play or study area.

5. Choosing a carpet just because it’s pretty.

Nowadays, there’s an infinity of types, colors, shapes, and materials of carpets that make them a flexible and ideal element for any room. But you ought to always take under consideration the dimensions of the bedroom to settle on the right rug for the space. Think also that, in many cases, a rug or a carpet can have a function besides just being pleasing to the attention . Additionally, find something that’s easy to wash or wash.

6. Leaving walls unprotected.

When decorating an area , we must not forget that the walls shouldn't only look good but even be sufficiently immune to whatever a toddler might think may be a good idea to embellish their room. Vinyl paint, washable wallpaper, or a wainscot are ideal options in order that any experimentation held by little ones are often easily cleaned up. Otherwise, you would possibly need to invest even more in fixing the space .