1. You mimic your partner’s mood no matter how you actually feel.

You constantly imitate the mood of the one that you love not because you are feeling empathetic. you're doing it because you're so scared of what is going to happen if you are not on an equivalent page together with your partner. you are worried an excessive amount of about keeping peace within the relationship, so you finish up faking your real feelings.

2. You often need your partner’s confirmation of what you really are.

You are often hesitant about who you actually are or whether you’ve chosen the proper way. you regularly need your partner to verify that you simply are an honest and decent person. you'll seek an excessive amount of support from your spouse and become uplifted and motivated only after they reassured you that everything are going to be perfect and you'll meet all of your goals.

3. You may feel jealous when your partner sometimes finds happiness outside of the relationship.

You may feel that your relationship is that the only thing within the world which will cause you to happy. you are feeling threatened once you know that your partner enjoys their life somewhere besides your relationship. you'll feel jealous about their hobbies or once they spend time with friends or parents. Your discomfort appears once you realize that, unlike you, they need some activities that they find enjoyable, apart from their feelings for you.

4. You rely on your partner to make your decisions for you.

You never want to form any decisions on your own because you're too scared of the responsibility that comes with any decision. you regularly defer to your partner and do what they tell you to try to to because you don’t want to harm them together with your independence. albeit your feelings are just the other , you'd rather follow your partner’s initiative and accept their ideas as if they’re the sole right thanks to go.

5. Your personality or appearance have changed based on what your partner likes.

You wont to be a “people person” and luxuriate in party time and now you’re a shy little bird who doesn’t even socialize anymore. Maybe your partner finds short hair attractive, so you narrow yours to suit their beauty standards, albeit you weren’t asked to. Hair isn’t an enormous deal, but this behavior may become toxic. for instance , if you are trying to reduce solely because your partner says you want to . If they don’t such as you the way you're , your happiness is in peril.

6.You give up your needs in favor of your partner’s.

In a healthy relationship, there's a continuing process of giving and receiving altogether ways possible. This makes the two of you are feeling sort of a team. But, if you turn into self-sacrifice mode, you’re likely to be giving quite you really receive. If you regularly ditch your own wants and wishes and only meet your partner’s expectations so as to please them, at some point you'll just explode with frustration.