1. Simple shoe with chunky heel.

Heels with ankle straps aren't very flattering because the strap that's fairly often placed near your ankle for support, regardless of how thin it's , will make this area look divided which always gives the impression of getting shorter legs. this is often just a visible rule. It’s even more relevant if you're short or if you've got short legs. By wearing these sorts of shoes you'll only make your ankles and calves look wider. On the opposite hand, chunky heels are far more flattering for ladies with thicker legs. to urge better results and make your figure look more slender, it’s often recommended for you to wear a heel that’s thicker at the bottom and becomes thinner because it goes down. Of course, this goes without saying, you shouldn’t lose the essence of a thick heel.

2. Stiletto heels.

Sometimes, strappy flat shoes will create strange bumps on your feet, especially if you've got thick feet and/or legs. These aren't recommended if your legs are thick just because they're going to bring people’s attention to your legs, also on that bulge that forms in every little hole. You can always change those strappy flat sandals for cool stiletto heels. These are perfect if you're trying to seem taller and if you would like to form your legs look slimmer. The thinner the heel, the more attractive you'll look, but they could even be less comfortable, so you would like to seek out good middle ground.

3. Platform shoes.

The strap of the heels, referred to as “T-Strap shoes,” is formed sort of a “T” — hence the name. Unfortunately, this T makes your feet look wider than they really are. once more , this is applicable to all or any sorts of feet, but if you think that you've got chubby feet you would possibly want to remain faraway from these sorts of shoes. You could, for instance , choose platform wedge-type shoes that suit your legs, as we mentioned earlier. These are going to be comfortable and appearance good. choose these shoes if your legs are thick, so you'll achieve a more flattering result, since, if you select a wider one, the sole thing you'll achieve is that it'll look a touch rough.

4. Peep toes.

Most of the time, shoes with square points end up to be rather unflattering. this is often not necessarily a matter of being trendy, but shoe points are meant to form your feet look more slender and comely . an equivalent goes for your legs. If you've got long, slim legs, square points are perfect for you, otherwise, you would possibly want to undertake something else. We’re talking, of course, about peep-toes. this is often a kind of shoe that shows the tip of your toe, but only slightly. These can are available handy if you're short because they’ll cause you to look taller and such as you have longer legs. And as if that wasn’t enough to form these beautiful shoes an option that you simply should consider, they will also make your foot look smaller than they're.

5. High boots.

Ankle boots are often unflattering, counting on the sort of legs you've got . It’s always good to stay in mind that they're going to draw people’s attention to your calves which, in turn, can make your ankles appear thicker than they really are. On the opposite hand, long boots are very flattering if you've got larger or thicker calves. If the boots have a little detail at the highest , it’s even better, so you'll draw attention faraway from your ankles. you only need to find a model that’s comfortable enough.